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Acoustic Technologies

Name:Acoustic Technologies


Brand Introduction
Acoustic Technologies was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, USA. The company provides high quality voice processing software solutions for global communications terminal equipment manufacturers. The company has 35 patents. The SoundClear eXcho series of full duplex communication and echo signal processing algorithm with noise cancellation unique chip, not only can eliminate acoustic echo, but also improve the signal-to-noise ratio, similar to face-to-face two-way voice communication for desktop hands-free phone, conference telephone, VoIP telephone, video phone, car phone and various consumer phone products to achieve natural and. SoundClear's software solutions can significantly improve sound clarity, full duplex dialogue, and speaker volume. Support for 3GPP, G.167, and G.168 standards. It has already been used in Motorola's A1000 and E1000 3G mobile phones.
Product Series
SoundClear full duplex acoustic echo cancellation and speech enhancement package
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / networks
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