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Infineon Technologies

Name:Infineon Technologies

Website: www.infineon.com

Brand Introduction
Infineon Technologies, founded in April 1, 1999 in Munich, Germany, is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies. Its predecessor, the SIEMENS group's semiconductor division, was independent in 1999 and listed in 2000. Its Chinese name is "billion constant" technology, and changed its name to Infineon Technologies in 2002. Infineon Technologies AG, based in Neubiberg, Germany, provides semiconductor and system solutions for the three major technological challenges in modern society - high energy efficiency, mobility and security. Infineon Infineon focus on modern society to meet three technological challenges: energy efficiency, mobility and security solutions for the automotive and industrial power devices, semiconductor and system chip card and security applications. Infineon products are renowned for their high reliability, excellent quality and innovation, and they have high technology in analog and mixed signal, RF, power and embedded control devices.
Product Series
Diode & thyristor, intelligent low-side and high-side switches, linear voltage regulators, DC-DC converter, AC-DC power conversion, gate drive IC, motor control chip, lighting IC
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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