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Name:Xinnova Technology


Brand Introduction
Xinnova Technology Ltd. Beijing core profit Sagitar electronic technology limited liability company was founded in Beijing in 2010, is a company committed to creating a low voltage low power NOR flash and 32 special motor control and the general MCU IC design company. The company's core R & D and management have many years of experience in the field of semiconductor integrated circuits. The company has many foreign sales platform. Core surplus now development: Shanghai wholly owned subsidiary, Kunshan branch, Hongkong subsidiary, Taiwan office. Core earnings Suteng electronic is currently the only one with NORFLASH IP technology with independent intellectual property rights of the company. The technology has the characteristics of low voltage, low power consumption, high performance and high reliability. It is the only technology company in the world which can work under 1.2V Flash at present. Core profit is also one of the few companies in the world that has mastered the 32 bit microcontroller (MCU) and control algorithm technology for motor drive control, and can differentiate IC designs against the needs of different customers. The company provides high performance, green environmental protection for industrial, automotive, medical, banking, communications, white appliances and other core control chip.
Product Series
MCU, NOR, Flash, SoC and so on
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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