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Mode Of Transport

Shenzhen Senyiou Technology Co., Ltd. provides door-to-door and express delivery two delivery methods。



Shenzhen Senyiu Technology CO.Ltd.provides Hong Kong delivery and domestic delivery On-site services。


1、Hong Kong

After the user receives the arrival notification SMS,You need to bring the pick-up order with the stamped contract to pick up the goods.。

Self-raising address:Hong Kong DeliverySelf-raising address,please contact online customer service

pickup time:Monday to Saturday:10:00~18:00(Lunch break:13:30~14:30)


2、Domestic mention

1) After the user receives the arrival notification SMS,Need to carry a covered/Sales order contract for contract chapter,Pick up at the following address。

2) If the self-lifting goods exceeds the size60cm*40cm*10cm,Then send SF Express by default,Please check the logistics information.【Member Centre】View。

Huaqiang North from the point of mention:

Self-raising address:Huaqiang Square, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, ShenzhenAseat8B

contact number:0755-82964163

pickup time:Monday to Saturday14:30-17:30



Express delivery

Shenzhen Senyiou Technology Co., Ltd. express delivery can be delivered to the designated Hong Kong/Domestic address,Monday to Friday17:30prior to,Beijing、Shanghai、Jiangsu、Zhejiang regional logistics default useFedExexpress delivery,Use SF express delivery for the rest of the time and special circumstances.If you want to View the logistics status,Please come【Member Centre】 to View


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